Italy: The Universe Of Beauty


The country is both strange and familiar. History, art, food, music, architecture, culture, sacred sites, charming villages and stunning landscapes are all around, and in an atmosphere that only The most confirmed test taker may not be interested.


The streets are made of water, whose bus is the boat, and where are the gondolas’ songs humming through the air? It is a magical city, and its main tourist attraction is the city itself.

Tuscan Hill Towns

Tuscany’s hilly landscape is covered with rock towns whose foundations date back to the Etruscans. Each is perched atop a hill, and many still have castles and towers that once guarded their command post.


Milan is a major destination for tourists due to its airport, it is often overlooked as a destination in its own right. It’s a pity, because Milan has one of the highest concentrations of art and architectural attractions in the whole of Italy, and for those interested in design and fashion (not to mention buying shop), which is a must.

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