India: Tradition is deep but extremely astonishing

India Top Destinations: Agra

The memorial has inspired millions of tourists to make the trip to Agra each year, waking up before dawn to see the magnificent structure radiant at sunrise. But Agra tops the list of the best places to visit in India for reasons beyond India’s most famous attraction.

India Top Destinations: new delhi

New Delhi offers tourists a lot to love. India’s colorful capital is the perfect blend of heritage and modernity. Old Delhi has some of the country’s most treasured attractions, including the Jama Masjid, the Red Fort and the Chandni Chowk shopping street. But throughout the sprawling city, tourists can discover countless other places of cultural and spiritual significance.

India Top Destinations: Mumbai

Mumbai – the home of super rich businessmen and the hottest actors in Bollywood. Tourists never leave the five-star hotels or gourmet restaurants in this luxurious city. And even if those activities are out of budget, a cruise down beloved Marine Drive will make you feel like royalty as you glimpse the stunning coastline and charming Art Deco buildings.

India Top Destinations: Rajasthan

“Land of Kings” Rajasthan is filled with the ruins of kings and queens of centuries past. Amid glittering palaces, monumental forts and boisterous festivals, this western state deserves to be the proudest place on your India trip.

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