Experience Affordable and Convenient Flying with Vueling Airlines

What Is Vueling Airlines?
Vueling Airlines is a budget airline establishment that holds the pre-eminent title as Spain’s largest airline with the largest fleet size and destinations.

Founded in 2004, the airline’s first flight was between Barcelona and Ibiza. In 2019, the airline set a record for carrying 34 million passengers in a single year.

Vueling Airlines also holds a prestigious ranking in the low-budget airlines’ category.

What Are the Packages Offered?
Vueling Airlines currently offers four packages to meet the needs of various passengers

Basic Fare: Cheapest rates for backpackers with a single hand-carry.
Optima Fare: Affordable rates for 25 kg checked-in luggage, 2 hand-carry, and free seat selection.
Family Fare: Reasonable option for families with 25 kg luggage, 2 hand luggage, free seat selection, 2 freehold items for parents with kids under 2 years old, and priority boarding

TimeFlex Fare: Ideal for frequent travelers with last-minute plan changes. Features include 2 hand luggage, unlimited flight changes free of charge, flight credit as a refund option, and priority boarding.
Is Vueling Airlines Legit?

In short, yes they are! Vueling Airlines is part of the International Airlines Group (IAG), with notable subsidiaries such as British Airways and Iberia Airlines.

Vueling Airlines is also legit in terms of safety concerns.

In the past 18 years, the airline has never come across an accident except for very few bird strikes and on-ground engine problems. Vueling follows the high safety standards set for European airlines.

Also, the airline has been ranked as one of the safest low-budget airlines in the world consistently. So, landing at your destination safe and sound is the last thing you need to worry about when traveling with Vueling!

Seat and Amenities

Vueling’s new seats resemble ironing boards. But they’re very spacious ironing boards, and even my 6 foot 3-inch frame had more than adequate legroom even at 29” pitch. That’s something that feels miraculous to say, but the engineering of modern slimline seating means that if airlines are going to pitch seats at 29” then at least we can be less uncomfortable with it.

I believe these are the Recaro SL3510 models that I’d previously seen on easyJet, but they seemed markedly narrower — or, rather, the aisle seemed markedly wider.

Since the early days of the A320 family some airlines chose narrower seats and wider aisles on the relatively wider A320 fuselage, and it seems that unless I’m mistaken Vueling has done the same here.

Regardless of the width, the flight was still pretty comfortable given that I had the entire row to myself, but with three people in the row it would have been a bit cramped on either side.

The seats are also “pre-reclined”, which is of course airline speak for “don’t recline”, but I found the angle at which they come installed to be pretty comfortable, to the extent that I got a couple of hours of sleep on the flight.

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