B&Q: Launches 100k New Products

Under their new market concept, B&Q is expanding their current goods and introducing new categories. Within six months, 100,000 more products for home renovation will be offered from independent sellers on B&Q’s current website, diy.com, where the marketplace has been seamlessly integrated.

In addition to the 40,000 products that B&Q already sells, the millions of new products that will be made available through the marketplace will more than triple the assortment that is available to customers.

At launch, customers will have access to a greater selection of wallpaper, lighting, power tools, and small household appliances, which is a new offering from B&Q.

During the coming weeks, third-party vendors will add thousands more new products from a variety of brands, including Osram, Black & Decker, and Breville, at low pricing and with speedy shipping options.

Supplying more of the goods that customers want

Since 68% of UK consumers believe that markets are the most convenient place to shop online, marketplaces are growing in popularity.

B&Q has an illustrious background going back more than 50 years. Currently, one of the busiest retail websites in the UK is diy.com, giving independent shops access to a significant new customer base. With the introduction of a marketplace, diy.com will grow even more valuable for B&Q’s business as site traffic rises along with an expanded product selection.

The growth of B&Q’s eCommerce business will be accelerated by the new platform it has created, powered by Marketplace Platform. Because it will be housed online via B&Q’s website (diy.com) and the B&Q app, customers will appreciate the convenience of a “one stop shop” for home improvement products hosted by a business they know and trust. B&Q experts will select all independent suppliers on diy.com. To ensure that the vendors’ products complement B&Q’s current offering, a verification procedure is applied on them.

Due to the seamless multichannel strategy employed by B&Q’s marketplace, customers now find it even easier to make purchases with advantages from both online and in-store options. Due to the marketplace’s interaction with B&Q’s nationwide network of more than 300 shops, customers can promptly return numerous items purchased from the in-store marketplace. Going forward, Click + Collect alternatives will also be offered.

The launch of the B&Q marketplace creates a scalable plan for Kingfisher, the parent company of B&Q, to introduce marketplaces under several banners and markets. It accurately reflects shifting consumer preferences, such as the shift to internet purchasing and the need for convenience, speed, and choice.

Other Kingfisher banners will be able to provide their UK clients with a broader assortment by developing the B&Q marketplace, which will be made feasible by this scalable technical platform. A major focus of the Powered by Kingfisher strategy, which Kingfisher revealed in June 2020, is boosting eCommerce sales as well as creating a client proposition that is mobile-first and service-oriented.

Faster home delivery and options for one-minute Click + Collect are two additional eCommerce innovations that have been implemented across the entire Group.

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