Bangkok, Thailand

Centuries-old temples

Bangkok is everything you’d expect from Thailand’s capital:
it’s loud, crowded, colourful, exciting, furious and simply magical. Bangkok is a microcosm of what makes Thailand so special. Centuries-old temples and sites line 21st-century shopping malls with a chic yet upscale atmosphere. Bangkok can be overwhelming, but it’s also a fascinating city that represents Southeast Asia’s tension between the developed and developing worlds.

the Grand Palace: Admire the Beauty

If you only drop in (on) one major historical tourist spot in Bangkok, this should be it. The royal complex lives up to its name, with breathtaking structures that would put even the most decadent modernistic monarchs.

Wat Pho: built by King Rama III

Ancient Of Bangkok: It has long been knowing a place of healing and is famous centuries ago for medicine and was Thailand’s first “university”, both founded by King Rama III. You can get a Thai massage or a foot massage at the on-site traditional medicine school, but the prices are significantly higher than massage parlors elsewhere in town.

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