Bali:  Indonesia

the Land of the Gods

Bali enchants with its pure natural beauty, with towering volcanoes and lush rice terraces exuding serenity and tranquility. It is also famous as a surfer’s paradise! Bali enchants with its dramatic dances, colorful ceremonies, handicrafts, luxurious beach resorts and exciting nightlife. Intricately carved temples can be seen everywhere

Mount Batur

Watching the sunrise from Mount Batur is an utmost blissful experience. The Mount Batur sunrise hike is a must experience for all who are visiting Bali

Mount Batur Hot Springs

Bali is known for its many hot springs that heal the eyes and body. Some of these springs are said to have healing powers and are considered sacred. Others are in a beautiful location perfect for great sightseeing in Bali. Mount Batur Hot Springs is a collection of hot springs surrounding the active volcano Batur, and bathing after an uphill hike is very soulful.

Menjangan island

The best dive site is Menjangan Island with shallow reefs, shipwrecks, eel farms and caves to explore. Located in the western part of Bali, you can enjoy the rare sight of deer swimming near the beach.

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