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You might not be aware that Abritel provides more than two million vacation rentals globally. 

Whether you envision a cosy stay with the family, a sporting vacation with friends, or a romantic retreat, you want to discover a comfortable and classic location to provide you with a delectable parenthesis.

 Because vacations should be enjoyable from beginning to end, booking with Abritel enables you to confidently take advantage of our Booking Guarantee from the time of your payment on our platform until your return home.

In other words, we are available for you before, during, and even after your stay if you book and pay with Abritel.

Use vacation rentals to combine room and comfort.

Holiday rentals are mostly the joy of discovering the ease and comfort of your home on the other side of the globe.

 It is also the best way to get all the room you need to give yourself some alone time, from a cosy cottage with a pool to an apartment with a fully functional kitchen. 

Want to locate your tribe in the centre of a charming villa, a contemporary apartment, a beach house, or a historic chalet? 

Seeking a place to set your bags down in a stunning megalopolis, sleep on top of the mountains, or unwind to the sound of the waves? 

The ideal answer is for individuals to share vacation properties.

Favoured locations in a town

  • Alpes-Maritimes-Côte d’Azur
  • Arcachon
  • Biarritz
  • St. Malo
  • Harbor Vecchio
  • Marseilles
  • Normandy
  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc
  • France
  • Cassis
  • Dordogne
  • Paris
  • Brittany
  • The Re Islands
  • Ardeche
  • Nice Lacanau Ocean
  • Saint-Jean de Luc
  • Bordeaux
  • Corsica

Rentals with swimming pool

  • Villa with pool in France
  • Rental with swimming pool in Provence
  • Rental with swimming pool in Normandy
  • Rental with swimming pool in Ardèche
  • House with pool in Brittany
  • House with pool in Auvergne
  • Rental with swimming pool in Corsica
  • House with pool in Martinique
  • House with swimming pool in Italy
  • Rental with swimming pool in Greece
  • Rental with swimming pool in Spain
  • House with pool in Portugal
  • Villa with pool Canary Islands
  • Villa with pool in Crete
  • Rental with swimming pool in Sardinia
  • Rental with swimming pool in Sicily
  • Rental with swimming pool in Guadeloupe
  • Rental with swimming pool in the Dordogne
  • Rental with private pool

Favorite Rentals

  • Chalets for rent in La Clusaz
  • Chalets in Alsace
  • Holiday rentals in Brittany
  • Gites in Hautes-Alpes
  • Cottages in France
  • Cottages in Normandy
  • Rent a villa in Marrakech
  • Rent a villa in Portugal
  • Rent a villa in Corsica
  • Rent a villa in Spain
  • Rent a villa in Martinique
  • Houses in Portugal
  • Houses in Corsica
  • Houses in Spain
  • Houses in Greece
  • Houses in Martinique
  • Apartments in Paris
  • Apartments in Dubai
  • Apartments in Toulouse
  • Chalets for rent in Hautes-Alpes
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